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Look I had a 4x4!!! Before Springs and Fog Lights Look at all them lights!!! Hehe - The airbags are still missing... This is what happens when you fall into a pothole!!! My Old Accord - Daym I miss that car


2 Someone took this pic of my car at school an OK front end shot Neuspeed Race Springs and 16inch rims One more front end pic All 4doors baby!!!  

3 98 Rear Bumper and Tail-Lights Another rear-side angle pic The front passenger side that was missing the fender A pic of my Girl-Friend in front of the Teg In Front of my GFs House

4 DOHC VTEC decal with the Ace Rims See the G2 ITNTEGRA emblem? Tried to take a pic of the Indiglo gauges A pic of the custome built, slanted, subwoofer box from the back  


5 Last shot before the WW front lip went on The OEM 98-00 front bumper My winter tires aka Civic Si Rims The Sunset in the background The Rear OEM 98-00 bumper and tail-lights

Engine bay with AEM CAI and Magnacor wires Its begging me to install new headers... MOMO Steering wheel and Interior Look at how nice my new door panels are The 2 12inch RFP XLCs The 2 12inch RFP XLCs with 400a4 amp 

 7 See My old rims found a good home The Sunset with Wenas new Prelude Type-SH  


8 Look!!! The Wings West W-Type Front Lip Spolier!!! See the Pacific ocean in the background? FourDoors Closed... FourDoors Opened!!! Daym poles!!! A smaller version of my Desktop

9 A nice shot with the sky A slighly closer shot One of my favorite pics of the front end Another Side Shot See my new panels?

10 See the 1993 INTEGRA emblem? My 4door at the Nov 5th Dubin Meet An Extra Interior pic The new Trust Stut Tower Bar!!! The new Trust Stut Tower Bar!!! Pic 2