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1995 Acura Integra GS-R Sedan
House of Kolor SG-114 Pink paint

  • Borla Spitfire Custom catback exhaust
  • DC Sports SS Headers
  • Zex nitrous Oxide System
  • ITR Intake cam
  • AEM Adjustable cam gears
  • Apexi S-AFC
  • Autometer A/F ratio gauge
  • B&M Short Shifter
  • (The first three were the first basic and common sense bolt-on modifications that I made. It's common sense that an engine is very much like a big respiratory system. You create more energy by taking in more oxygen and disposing of the waste more quickly, These parts have been industry proven to free up a lot of the power that is held back by the factory specs. Once I learned more about how an engine worked, I sought to make my car more of a force to be reckoned with on the track. I chose the Zex system because of it's almost fool proof operation and ease of installation. I'm not trying to build the fastest car in the world, just one that can hold it's own, given the situation. As well, swapping out the camshafts for that of the GS-Rs bigger brother --the ITR gives me a very good amount of power gains for a minimal price, without sacrificing the quality of the original car made by Honda. The S-AFC and the A/F ratio gauge make sure that the car is running at optimum fuel levels.)
  • H&R Sport Springs
  • KYB AGX Shocks
  • Tenzo and DC Sport Strut Bars
  • (My suspension was next on the list. Having bought the car used, it was pretty much scheduled to undergo its regular maintenance. I chose parts which were reasonable enough for daily driving, as well as quality crafted enough to be able to undergo various street conditions and driving situations. Of course, aesthetic quality and making the car more visually appealing was a factor in choosing these parts.)
  • Powerstop X-Drilled rotors
  • 5Zigen M-08 wheels
  • Wrapped with Toyo Proxes FZ4s
  • House of Kolor SG-114 Pink paint
  • Andy's Autosport California Type-R conversion
    •  front bumper and rear bumper
  • Wings West Side skirts
  • Custom Saleen Wing
  • Shaved inner tail lights, rain gutters, side moldings, rear door handles
  • (This is pretty much the highlight of the whole car. If there's anything that's going to set this car apart from the rest, it's the fact that it has been painted pink. Many people often ask me why I did so. Call it a kiddie dream of mine, but when I first bought my car, I always wondered what I would be like to own one of those heavily modified and wild show cars like I saw in the magazines, One I realized that I had the resources to do so, I did it. As for my color choice. . . well I first saw the color on an advertisement on the back of a bus. When I saw it, I immediately knew that this was going to be the color of my car. As well, you only live once. Understanding that, one goal of mine was to always be to make an positive impact somehow. Seeing that the Midwest is some couple of years behind the two coasts in terms of show and race cars, I hopefully have succeeded in trying to bridge that gap.)
  • Autometer 5in Tach
  • Autometer Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
  • Autometer Water temp Gauge
  • Apex Super Afc
  • Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Trim
  • Iindiglo Gauges
  • Momo Shift Knob
  • Lonza pedals
  • Type R floor mats
  • Clarion Pro Audio Head Unit
  • Clarion 12 Disc CD Changer
  • Aftermarket Pioneer Components
  • 15" Kicker Solobaric Subwoofer
  • Hifonics Taurus Amp
  • Sony Playstation on a 5" monitor
  • (Having gotten used to the stock stereo system, I next strove to make trips in the car and waiting times more enjoyable. This brought about the installation of a high power stereo system, along with the video game console. It was about this time that the car started to make it's way into the show scene.)
  •  Hot Import Nights Chicago, June 3, 2000
    1st Place, 4 DoorWild
  • Nopi Nationals Supershow Atlanta, Sept, 16-17, 2000
    3rd Place, 4 DoorIntegra
  • Chicago Lowrider Megashow, Sept. 30, 2000
    3rd Place, Euro CustomFull
  • Battle of the Imports Chicago, Oct. 1, 2000
    1st Place, 4 Door All
  • BF Goodrich Drag Wars Chicago, Oct. 15, 2000
    2nd Place, Acura Integra Wild
  • West Michigan Custom Import Showdown, Oct. 21, 2000 
    Best Body Modification Overall
  • Paint and body work done by Body Werks, Skokie, IL 
  • Tuning and performance accessories by Driver's Image, Skokie, IL (they did the cam install and got me most of my parts)