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12-11-00 I have FINALS this week so there won't be any new updates to this site until I get all this so called studying done. I did however find time to make this cool new background for the site. It's a picture of an Autobot Integra that I found online and modified to fit the screen. Tell me what you guys think about it.  I also joined a new TopSite today that's hosted by It's called the Top 100 Racer Sites. Please vote for me there so we can get the banner I made to actually display!

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12-04-00 The new featured sedan of the week belongs to Nam Tran aka serenity on all the Honda and Acura message boards out there. So go ahead and check out how unique and dope his ride is by being the first to custom mold MR2 side vents into the rear door of his Integra Sedan.

Click here to check it out

12-03-00 Well I got the pics of my 4Door GS-R back online. Since I have my site completely moved over to Tripod now, I shouldn't be getting any more warnings from my host saying that I have exceeded my bandwidth quota!!! I still want to be able to move to another host that will allow you guys to link directly to the pics of your sedans in the sedan archive. But until then, we'll just have to suffer. Unless some of you sedan peeps out there are nice enough go give me a donation so I can move to a high quality host, then we all have to suffer with the banners...

It also looks like my GuestBook is up and running again. Please drop me a message on what you think of the site.

Oh yeah we finally broke 2000 hits!!! We actually got 2000 hits a day ago and now have over 2200 hits as of today! Keep it coming!

I also decided to keep the DBZ background for now. I know it slows down the loading of this page but it's only temporary. I like the look, and besides, no one else out there has complained about it...

12-02-00 I had to move the site over to Tripod since my host said I was going to exceed my bandwidth quota soon. So as of now, the pics and info on my ride (the My4DrGSR Section) is down until I can upload all the files back up again. But everything else should be fine. I have a feeling someone was trying to purposefully trying to make me exceed my bandwidth quota since I know some of the import sites of late have been under hacker attack. But it's just pure speculation. You never know, maybe the site did get popular all of a sudden and people just started downloading pics of my car all the time.
11-30-00 Testing out this new background pic I got of Vegito. Most people will recognize him if you're a big fan of anime like me. He's from my favorite anime right now, DragonBall Z. He's actually from the future of DBZ if you've only been watching the FUNimation version on Cartoon Network. Vegito is the result of Vegita and Goku fusing together to combine their powers. Let me know what you think... I know the text is kind of harder to read now, but just highlight the text for now to make it stand out more. Until I find a good color for the text. Oh yeah, to see the full effect, you must view this page in 1024x768 resolution.
11-29-00 What's up everyone! I just added the Stock Integra Specifications Page. It contains all the stock info provided in Acura Sales Brochure. I also included the Color Codes provided by my Acura Collision Parts Reference Guide. So if you don't know what the name of your 94-95 Integra sedan's color, then go check it out!

And this will be the last day I wait for the guestbook to work! It was working for a good couple hours and even had some cool new customization features but as of right now IT'S DOWN AGAIN!!! Oh yeah keep up the votes! We're slowly moving up the top sites list!

11-27-00 Joined Twunk's Top 80 Sites today to increase the depleting hits. Please vote for me there, as well as the Top1000 Honda/Acura Sites list to show your support. I also did some touching up around the site. I put the older page updates in a new PAST UPDATES Page, made a new banner for the top of the site, and added a cool new background for my 4doorGSR's profile.
11-22-00 Happy THANKSGIVING everyone! Just a couple of updates. I was able to get my first 2 affiliates for the site. They are the 5th Generation Honda Civic Sedan website and the Accord Wagon Club! Go check out their sites today! The more 4doors the better. If you would like to be an affiliate of the site, please go ahead and email me. I am looking for some quality websites that deal with all kinds of 4doors!

I was also able to update the Sedan Gallery. I put up some more cartoon sketches of some cool Motorcycles today. I know they're not 4doors but I guess the next best thing to having 4doors on your ride is not having any at all!!! Go check them out today. The Honda CBR and Ducati's look extra sweet.

I also made my first banner! Tell me what you think! If you have your own website, and would like to support this site, please link to me using the banner bellow.



We have ourselves  a new Sedan of the Week! This is Chris' (yoolykeme) show winning Acura Integra GS-R. Go Check it out today in THE SEDANS section!!!

I was also able to start up the Sedan Gallery. It's currently filled with the CartoonCars that were designed by Carl Greatrix. Go check them out! And if you have any cool pics of Sedans that you want people to check out, don't hesitate to email them to me. All pics are welcome as long as they deal with 4doors.

It also looks like the Guestbook is up and running again, so please go and sign it when you get a chance! We also made it to #15 on the  Top1000 Honda/Acura Sites list since the list was recently reset. So keep the votes coming. 


11-17-00 Nothing new to add to the board except for the fact that we finally broke 1000 hits yesterday! A pretty cool accomplishment for a site that has only been 10 days old! One more note, the GuestBook I'm using seams to be down right now. Actually, its been down for 2 days now, the same with my GF's guestbook. If I continue to experience problems with them, then I might go ahead and move, but just bear with me for a while until I find a better one.

And don't forget to check out our  FEATURED SEDAN of the week, The Message forum and vote for me on Top1000 Honda/Acura Sites list

11-16-00 The Message forum is up and running thanks to Dayuiz! I can't thank him enough for helping me on getting it up and running. We actually got it all done in ONE day! He moved up from a beta tester, to a moderator, to admin, to Co-Webmaster all in one day! So it's time to go check it out. GO REGISTER TODAY and talk 4doors! If you have any problems with the Forum just go ahead and email me or Dayiuz.

Whoo-hoo! One more great news! We broke into the top 25 on the Top1000 Honda/Acura Sites list Great job everyone! and thanks! Now let's see if we can make it to the top 12 and have my soon to be made banner listed. =)


We have our first FEATURED SEDAN!!! It's Chris' Turbo Honda Civic 4door. Go check out his sweet looking ride today.

Check out this Turbo Civic Sedan NOW!!!

And keep the votes coming! We're only 5 votes short of breaking into the top 25 in the Top1000 Honda/Acura Sites list. I also didn't get anything done on the site this weekend since I have to study for my 2 midterms tomorrow. But keep on checking back this week since I have more in store for you guys!

11.11.10 Well it's the weekend and I'm planning on trying to put up some of the unfinished sections of the site. The message board is almost ready to be unveiled so stay tuned for that. I posted 6 new sedans for everyone to check out. We got a couple of nice sweet entries yesterday. I also chose this week's Featured Sedan of the week. I should be posting his pics and mods within the next day or 2.

I also joined the Top1000 Honda/Acura Sites top site list today in order to boost some of the hits. Please go vote for me there if you want to support your 4door! Lets go make this site the best place on the web for SEDANS!

11.10.00 1. Day FOUR and the site seems to be getting more and more popular. I'm actually getting a little overwhelmed by all the emails and Sedan entries. I never expected the site to be this popular. Almost 200 unique hits today equals more traffic than what I expected. As part of this unexpected surprise, I now moved the Sedan Archive to Tripod. I know their banners suck but they give me 50 megs of space to use, plus unlimited bandwidth. Unlike my current host that only gives me 20 megs of space plus ONLY 600 megs of Bandwidth per month. In the first 3 days this site has been up I already used over 100 megs of that 600 given. I don't want to get charged for the extra bandwidth at this time. This site is still for my hobby and I'm not planning to make make $$$ out of it.

2. Please note that the site may be down for 10-15 minutes on November 11th between 1 P.M. to 8 P.M. Central Time and November 12th between 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. Central Time. My host  is going to be upgrading their servers.

3. I'm sorry for not putting up the new Featured Sedans today. I went to the movies and watched Charlie's Angels with my girlfriend. I'm too tired and lazy to stay up all night again and work on the site. Don't worry, I'll put them up by tomorrow!!! =P  

11.09.00 Well the site keeps on growing! Another 150 additional hits today! There are now 10 sedans featured in The Sedans section. Putting their rides online have taken up all of my time today. So I didn't have time to work on the new features. But it was all worth it. We now have our first TURBO charged sedan! Just stay tuned for the online Forum and The Sport-Sedan Syndicate to be up and running in the next couple of weeks.

And if there is anyone out there that has some graphical skills, I am looking for a new 725x80 pixel sized banner to put on top of the site as well as some miniature banners. The one up there only took me a couple of minutes to bust out and I don't have a banner that I can post on other sites to advertise. So if a fellow sedan lover out there would like to help, please email me.

11.08.00 Wow this site had over 100 hits on it's first day! Pretty amazing since I only posted the URL on 2 Integra message boards. Imagine what will happen when I post in the Accord forums and join some webrings! Well keep the hits coming and enter your sedan today! I put up our first 4 sedans today in The Sedans section. Go check them out!!!
11.07.00 The site is finally up!!! Most of the critical sections are up and running so go try them out. And if you have a sedan, make sure you enter your car in The Sedans section for it to be featured. For those people who do know me, I uploaded the new pics of my 4door with the WW front lip in the My 4DrGS-R section.
10.26.00 is born! I finally registered the domain name 2 days ago. And today, I opened an account on XO Web Site Hosting in order to host the site for 1 year without those annoying pop ups and advertising banners.